LMDE3 xfs Full Disk Encryption

(full how-to guide)

As a Free Code Camp Technical Documentation Project

In my continuing self-education, I was recently working on a Free Code Camp project to create a responsive technical documentation page. It turned out that some random person I was helping on Reddit was having trouble figuring out how to install Linux Mint Debian Edition v3 with disk encryption.

I imagined it would not be very difficult to figure out, so I formatted the ssd on one of my laptops and sorted out the details.

The LMDE3 installer doesn’t support disk encryption.

However, the LMDE3 installer does allow you to pre-mount all the necessary partitions manually…..(/, /boot, and /boot/efi for instance)…..relative to the /target directory, and then run the installer in expert mode.

the basic steps

  • create the partitions, including your encrypted /
  • mount the partitions relative to /target
  • run the installer in expert mode
  • write the file system description in /etc/fstab
  • write the encrypted file system description in /etc/crypttab

Make sure the last two steps happen before the initramfs gets built, or you’ll have to rescue it in chroot.

This is just an overview of the basic steps, but you can read the full how-to guide on Github Pages.